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I am a licensed Marriage Officiant and one of my greatest life’s joys is to declare the happiest message to the new couple,                  “I pronounce you Husband and Wife”. I have almost 19 years of experience performing marriage ceremonies.

In addition to English, I conduct ceremonies in Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and French languages.

The marriage ceremony is the most dignified part of the wedding. It is always an exciting and touching moment for the couple who has come to be united in the sacred mystery of marriage. Each ceremony has a special part during which the bride and groom exchange eternal promises to each other; these promises will be followed by the solemn speech of the officiant in which the bride and groom will be publicly pronounced husband and wife. Many couples wonder what words are being announced during the ceremony. The answer to these and other questions, I would be happy to provide over the phone or in person.

The registration of marriage always takes place in a romantic atmosphere. I can perform your classic city hall marriage ceremony at any time convenient for you. I also specialize in custom-designed ceremonies reflecting the cultural or religious traditions of the couple and performed in a place of your choice – the serenity of a quiet park, the sound of water on a lake shore, a beautifully decorated banquet hall or restaurant, or in the comfort of a private home. I would also be delighted to explore an idea of a more adventurous wedding ceremony on a yacht or catamaran. I can meet with you to discuss in more detail your ceremony and to conduct a rehearsal.

For more information about a wedding ceremony in Toronto and the surrounding areas, please call Michael at (647) 478-6467 or send me an email.

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